Team Magic srl

We are a converting company active on the market since 1987 and we specialize in the production of absorbent and coated products for food packaging, medical and personal care.

Thanks to our thirty-years experience, MAGIC is a consolidated enterprise with specialization in lamination, coating, cutting and folding.

A steady research dedicated to our customer’s full satisfaction has led us to focus on selected materials, innovation in production methods and constant updating on laws and rules of reference, always keeping in mind environment protection and safety on the job.

We strongly believe in human potential and teamwork, to optimize the skills of every single position. We know that the value of our company is the result of the extraordinary ability of our workers. The enthusiasm for our job, the passion we put in what we do and the will to accept every day a new challenge make us proud to be part of this “MAGIC” reality.

Luciano & Mauro Giani 
Fonders of MAGIC


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Team Magic srl

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